Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bethel Criterium

Earlier this month I was in the Yale area looking for housing, and made time to race a local criterium; the Bethel crit.

One of the highlights of this (unusually for a crit) hilly, short circuit race was getting to meet another competitive cyclist with an ostomy! We went for a short ride after the race, talked about cycling in the area, and about how we'd like to see more encouragement of serious athletics for those with an ostomy.

There are plenty of folks out there (many of whom show up on my links page section) who do rad, active stuff - including hockey, rock climbing, running, etc. Now, if only we could get both the healthcare provider community and the general public to recognize that there are no limitations on what you can do after surgery!

Thanks, Alan, for the photos! Here's one of the starting lineup. Check out those wheels on the Tarmac guys! And, also, the yellow crocs on the race official. Wow.

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