Saturday, December 1, 2012

Winter begins with snowfall and December 1st

You know it's officially winter riding when there is snow on the ground, regardless of the actual calendar season.

Today marked the first riding day that I wished for neoprene shoe covers vs my fall windproof ones. And, handwarmers inside my gloves. Alas, I had neither on. So, I had to conjure the mental fire on my handlebars that one of the New Haven cycling legends swears by to keep him warm.

During the winter I tend to introvert, which becomes something pretty close to isolation at times. I start enjoying the grey skies, and the silence of the road, and my own company. This year in particular, the reprieve from racing and lack of challenge from others is welcome. I pushed hard into both road and track racing for a long March-September 2012 season.

I saw a few lone-wolf cyclists in local team colors, peddling in the oposite direction, chilling in their small ring, and looking like they were enjoying the grey day as much as I was. A nod of acknowledgment, and comraderie from a distance. But, no summer giddiness and doubling back mid-road to see what route I'm on and if you can join in for a few more miles.

Here are a few pictures of the grey Connecticut landscape. Yes, that is a hint of snow hiding in the photo behind my bike. And a local racer caught going the other direction.

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