Monday, July 15, 2013

In two weeks I will ride 200+ miles in one day.

The challenge is on.

On July 27th 2013 I will ride no less than 200 miles, from New Haven to Providence Rhode Island and then back to New Haven. The goal is to maintain a moving pace of 18 mph average, although I'd be happy with 16 mph average for the last 50 miles of it. The inland route would total 103 miles each way, and the coastal route ~136 each way. It is currently undecided which combination of routes we will choose.

If it is 90+ degrees outside AND overly humid, we will postpone until August 3rd, to spare ourselves having a heat emergency.

Right now, it's just me and my friend John for the whole distance, plus a few "maybe"s and some joiners for the beginning or the end. The Brown and RISD cycling teams and some local Providence cycling folks will probably ride out to meet us, ride us into Providence for lunch, and then back out to the suburbs.

It's not a fundraiser (although, if you are feeling inspired to donate money somewhere, donate it to the UOAA or Camp Oasis). There is no structure in place or organization supporting this ride. It's just a couple of guys who want to ride till they can't ride anymore. This is a Rapha style, epic ride for the sake of doing an epic ride.

Spread the word. If you are in the area, join us for part of the ride!

the inland route. 

And, you might ask yourself why on earth I would want to ride so far in one day? Clearly, this will hurt. It will be mind numbing at points. It will be hot, and sweaty, and I will be very very tired. This (not G rated) cartoon from The Oatmeal pretty much explains it all. This is essentially the story of why I ride my bicycle so much, minus the part of the comic about hornets and Japan, and plus something about being sick with an autoimmune disease and having lots of surgery and challenging the world's (and my own) assumptions about what it is possible for me to accomplish. 

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