Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm not dead... yet...

No, I didn't die or fall off the face of the earth completely.  But, my laptop did! So, I'm now at work, on lunch... and thought I'd put up a quick post while I can.

Hopefully I will be able to remedy this computer situation soon! I will be resolving it before the Fall term starts, at latest, If not before then.

The New York Get Your Guts In Gear Ride was awesome! I will post a real peice about that (and leg cramps...) soon - perhaps this weekend if I have any free time on my Sunday shift as a Paramedic (if the dear people in my district can take a break from blowing themselves up with fireworks this weekend).

Other reasons for my lack of posting, and drastically reduced riding time, include strep throat that just won't quit! I've now been on three rounds of antibiotics and am onto the really serious stuff (Avelox). I'm still generally feeling cruddy but have been getting in some riding here and there. I think that is the real difference between people who have a chronic illness and those who don't: a better understanding of what it means to work through pain/illness. Last weekend I did a pretty gnarly hill ride with strep and a phenomenal barking cough. Although I am going to duck out of the time trial I was supposed to do today, I am currently still planning on doing a ~100 mile ride out to Ohio, West Virginia, and back to Pittsburgh tomorrow. I figure that even if I feel completely cruddy today, as I sit here in my office feeling like I just want to curl up on the floor, I COULD be on a bicycle feeling just as cruddy. Maybe I'll feel like hell. But, I'm pretty sure I am capable of riding for 5 or 6 hours in this condition. And, if not, I'll take a break and get back to the burgh a little bit later than expected.

This holiday weekend I may also be upgrading my crankset to a Shimano Ultegra, if I can get it to work with my current setup. From what I've heard from others about this upgrade, it could add another 1-2 mph to my speed, with the same amount of effort.

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