Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Get Your Guts In Gear Ride, leaving tomorrow!

Horray! It's here!

Tomorrow I leave for the Get Your Guts In Gear Ride for Crohns and Colitis! I'll be riding for three days, and will do my best to get some handlebar-cam footage while I'm out there. This year I'm honored to be the United Ostomy Association of America rider on the NY ride!

Keep your fingers crossed for no rain! I'm just hoping the forcasters in NY are as inacurate as the ones in Pittsburgh, otherwise it's going to be a very wet ride.


p.s. - Just in case you are reading this and are interested in donating to help support the UOAA in keeping up it's good work, you can! Donations of any size are very sincerely appreciated!

Click on the link on the right (under "links") or go to --> click on "donate" ---> enter "Travis Rabbit" under the rider name and "NY-3" under the rider number.


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