Wednesday, June 1, 2011

On Memorial Day, during the [rescheduled] Pittsburgh Ride of Silence...

two cyclists were hit at the intersection of Allegheny River Blvd and Washington. The gold SUV turned into the first, hitting his front wheel. He suffered a fractured femur, pelvis, ribs, and other serious injuries which put him in the ICU. The other cyclist went over his handle bars and landed ten feet in front of the first, with injuries to his face and torso. The SUV never stopped.

It's a sad day when an intersection becomes a place to be feared. The Ride of Silence is both a day to commemorate fallen cyclists, and also a reminder to be safe on the roads. And to remember that even if YOU are riding safely, cars may not be paying attention to your speed and distance.

Although it is nice to hear the news taking this sort of accident seriously, and not explicitly blaming the cyclists (in fact, I haven't heard any blame of the cyclists), it is sad that it took two division chiefs of medicine at Children's Hospital getting hit to achieve positive coverage. Usually when cyclists get hit it sounds something like this:

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