Saturday, June 4, 2011

67 miles down, two softball games to go!

A photo from the middle of the ride, taken by somebody's smartphone:

That's me in the garish shade of day glow yellow.

I wish I got off work in time to do another long ride tomorrow!


  1. lookin' good in day glow!! Actually, I believe that is "Safety Yellow". They were almost the color of this summer's camper t-shirts at the day camp I run.

  2. Wow, parents everywhere would hate you forever for all of the photos where their children looked like they had hepatitis from the reflection of that shade off of their skin! Yikes!

    I do admit to loving dayglow anything though.

  3. I thought the lunch went well, if I don't see you before you leave, Good Luck, will you make entries during the trip?

  4. Thanks! I probably won't be able to post during the trip, since I won't be able to charge my phone while camping. But, I am planning on taking some footage of the ride on my handlebar-cam, which I will upload afterwards.