Monday, February 27, 2012

Back on the bike!

This week I'm back on the bike, after three weeks of resting my ankle.

It's still a little bit cranky, but managable. What I am really feeling is the lack of real exercise for the majority of the month! I did a bit of trainer riding on Sunday and was amazed at how jacked up my heart rate was, how relatively difficult it was to keep my cadence above 110 and steady, and how low my watts were.

This is scary since the collegiate season opener is this coming weekend!!! I'm assuming that I'm going to get completely dropped off of the circuit race, and probably get lapped and pulled on the criterium course. But, I know that going into it and plan to use the race weekend as training and a good warm up for future races.

Regardless of how I do, or if I even finish, I'm psyched for the start of the season! And, I'm glad to go out there with my team and do my best.

More trainer riding tomorrow evening and on Thursday with the team, and then we travel to New Brunswick on Friday. Time trial and circuit races on Saturday, Crit on Sunday.

Here we go!!!

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