Saturday, May 5, 2012

Crohn's strikes!

Arrrggg... I haven't been cycling all week because I've been feeling awful.

I suppose I should be more upset about being sick. But,instead I'm annoyed that it is interferring with my cycling plans! I had hoped to do a favorite 70 mile loop (3,000+ feet of climbing) through the countryside out of town today, and a similar route tomorrow. But, no... sadly, my hydration status is miserable. I feel like a wilted plant.

Just carrying the laundry upstairs today felt like a lot.

But, it could be worse.

At first I was really scared that there was something major going on, since this new bout of illness all started so fast. By Tuesday I was a human faucet. It was horrible. I spent Wednesday not wanting to move. By thursday night I couldn't keep up with hydration anymore, and the world started to spin and my lips got that weird tingly feeling that means I'm going to black out. In the ER they pumped me full of saline, zofran, some potassium, and did a CT. Luckily, the CT showed no major issues requiring admission or surgery. And, I felt a lot better after rehydration with IV fluids.

However, I've still been dragging myself around and don't trust myself to ride a bike. I think I might fall over.


So, I've got a bottle of prednisone in hand and am debating starting the month long taper that was recommended. I am concerned about taking it due to the many issues with bone density, sun exposure, and the fact that it turns me into a cranky nightmare. I've taken prednisone enough times to know that I do not get along with that drug.

But, since symptoms haven't stopped yet, I'll probably try a short taper (10 days) instead of the month. Hopefully that will be just enough to help the acute issues resolve. And, then, hopefully I can go back to being off all Crohn's specific medications. Diet and excercise have been working well enough for the past year and a half since I stopped taking Humira and methotrexate. Or, maybe that's just luck.

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