Saturday, April 28, 2012

Series points prime taken! Race lost...

Another spectacularly not-sunny day of bicycle racing here in Pittsburgh!

Windy, drizzly, dark, cold. This is actually my favorite race weather, except for the headwinds.

I raced well in the Cat 4 field, driving the pace and taking the first prime (the race within the race) for the first half. Then, I went for the second prime and my ankle started twinging... and I sat up, and let the field pass me with only 5 laps to go.

So, I placed terribly (11th? 13th?) in the finish. But, I did win some series points anyway! And, there were enough flashing cameras that I know I'll have some great photos of me off the front of the pack! People joke about the facebook photos being the only reason to go off the front... but, there is something wonderfully narcisistic and gratifying about having photo evidence. Sometimes when I get home from a race, it's hard to believe that I actually accomplished what I did, racing against guys who are generally taller (longer legs = better levers) and in perfect health.

Now, for some serious rest and then the Steel City Showdown tomorrow!

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