Sunday, April 10, 2011


This is my official first post!

As an introduction, I thought I'd post some profound thoughts on what it means to be an active person with a chronic illness. Or, what it means to be a guy  in my late 20's with a body that is now notably different from other guys my age, since having ileostomy surgery two years ago. Or, perhaps about how I really hope that this blog provides inspiration for other people who are struggling with GI illnesses, and all of the complications that come with nutritional deficiencies, or who are trying to adjust to a life after major illness.  Or, perhaps it will be a place where I can connect with other people like me?

I'm sure that all of those posts will happen in the near future...

... but, first, I'm going for a bike ride!

Say goodbye to the winter trainer! Hello, Spring!

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