Monday, April 25, 2011

vicariously bicycle to work!

I'm not sick with strep throat/eye anymore!!! Horray!

Today I did an easy 20 minutes on my trainer, in the safety of my dining room.

But, wow, being sick last week really took it out of me. I am still feeling tired and have a bit of a cough. It's always unnerving to be winded so quickly during a ride, of any kind!

While I've been out of service for repairs, I did some bicycle repairs. I replaced my chain, which was stretched out and starting to skip, trued a wonky couple of spots on my wheels, and cleaned and regreased everything. A clean bike is so satisfying, and I can't wait to get riding again for real.

The other thing that came out of my fever last week was my new brilliant workplace fundraising idea for my Get Your Guts In Gear New York Ride.

Here's the pitch that was approved by the admins at work:

"Car commuter guilt keeping you down? Ride your bicycle to work... Vicariously! Only 1$ per day! You will receive a guilt-free conscience and a stylish,  'I [vicariously] biked to work today!' sign for your door!"

Is it rediculous enough to actually work???

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