Thursday, April 21, 2011

Out of commission for a few days...

Sadly, I've been missing the spring weather for a few days, and have been quarantined at home with strep throat/eye. Ugggg!!!

This is one of the major downsides of taking drugs like methotrexate (typically a chemotherapy drug). When I get sick, I get really sick. The quick reason why is that these drugs are cytotoxic, and make your white blood cells unable to function properly. Methotrexate is a folic acid inhibitor, which prevents cellular metabolism (mitochondia) from functioning properly.

Back to sleeping and trying to not infect anyone else,


  1. you should look into low dose naltrexone for treatment. It's not toxic and it boosts the immune system rather than weaken it.

    I have some info about LDN on my page if you're interested.

    hope you're feeling better.

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  3. Thanks for the input! I love your blog! Currently, there has only been one clinical trial (last I searched) on Naltrexone. It does seem like the wonder drug, with a novel alcohol dehydrogenase metabolic pathway and use in treating everything from addiction to HIV.

    But, as a single therapy drug and one with little prospective data, it may not be a strong recommendation for everyone. Most people who end up on treatment regimens like Humira + MTX have poorly controlled disease and have failed multiple other regimens. Although this doesn't mean that naltrexone won't work, it would be a high risk gamble to take for a person for whom that may mean becoming ill to the point of requiring more surgery.
    But, I am curious as to how you ended up on it and what circumstances it was under. Are you enrolled in a trial?

    Interestingly, what most people don't know about medications like Humira and Remicaid is that they were never intended to be taken alone. They were originally intended to be paired with Methotrexate.
    Methotrexate has been shown to lengthen the time of sensitivity to these drugs, extending the time that disease can be controlled.